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School WiFi Installation and Management

Schools are making increasing use portable devices in the classroom to create more engaging teaching and learning activities. Your school probably uses laptops or tablets in lessons already but is your wireless networking infrastructure up to the job?

Many schools build their WiFi networks from a series of adhoc wireless access points. The problem with this home-style approach is that your school's needs are much more complex than your home's. Access point devices need central management with the ability to report on performance, devices and users.

Managed Wireless Infrastructure uses a controller to join all of the wireless access points together. The wireless network can be controlled centrally allowing security settings to be much more easily configured. A managed wireless system reacts to the number of users and distributes devices among access points automatically as users move around your school site.

We use cutting edge technology to deliver fast wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps. Our WiFi networks can be managed centrally giving schools realtime visibility of access points, devices and users.

  • WiFi access points mounted unobtrusively on walls and ceilings to maximize coverage
  • Track WiFi users and monitor performance and coverage.
  • Securely manage student and guest device access
  • Control access for specific users & guests
  • Easily track events and recent alerts
  • Block individual users with a single click
  • Monitor WiFi traffic statistics

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