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School Hall Audio Visual Systems

The school hall is the heart of a school - a multi-purpose space for assemblies, musical performances, parent meetings, after school cinema clubs, presentations and even teaching and learning opportunities. Great audio visual technology can absolutely transform it.

Of course, a school hall is really just a big classroom, a largest solution built by scaling a small one isn't always ideal. To communicate with a larger audience, you need screens up to 6 metres wide and a large format projector to match.

Lighting is also an issue - the projection system needs high brightness so those at the back get the same benefit as the kids at the front. Discrete lighting systems may also be needed to create the perfect ambience, whether for school-wide presentations, overflow lessons, sports or creative activities.

Bright, clear video without any audio doesn't represent much of an advance over the 1920s. Great video always demands great audio and filling large spaces with clear, distortion free sound is just as challenging as a setting up a 6m projector screen.

Audio systems designed to provide high-output power are ideal for day-to-day use, school productions and special events. Typical audio devices include microphones, amplifiers, ceiling or wall-mounted sub-woofer speakers and furniture to safely house them. We can also create custom audio capable lecterns with built-in microphones that are easy to use, allowing you to communicate without distraction.

You can also control the main display from anywhere in the hall - Use a wireless tablet to move around the hall for audience involvement and maximum impact.

We have a wealth of experience working in schools halls, overcoming the challenges that they always present and helping to create special spaces, where special things happen...

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