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IT and AV Management For Schools

Every school is different so every school needs IT and AV support services that are totally tailored to their needs. Some schools have great on-site audio visual and IT management capability but many primary schools and schools with different priorities, challenges and budgets need help when it comes to planning and managing their IT and AV Systems.

That's where IAG Technology come in...

Obviously, we can assist with procurement decisions, helping you select the right AV and IT solutions to give you the functionality and quality you need at the price you want to pay and then using our decades of installation experience to make sure it keeps on working. But as you're well aware there's much more than simply supply and installation to running the IT and AV systems for a modern school.

Our background in electronic engineering means we don't just know how the equipment works and how to fix it, but we can also develop control systems to your precise speciification that ensure familiarity and consistency of control of IT and AV equipment across every classroom.

We'll maintain equipment lists to ensure we know exactly what equipment is where and being used for what. We'll maintain warranty records and onsite safety stock so that equipment malfunction doesn't impact your school's ability to deliver the teaching and learning that are its everyday business. We'll help you develop a strategy to ensure your classrooms are equipped in a consistent way, that any likely failures are pre-empted by a comprehensive disaster prevention plan and should the unthinkable happen, there will be a robust recovery plan in place.

We have long term relationships in place with suppliers like Epson, Eset and SMART so we know exactly what's available and how to get the best from your equipment and the plans and resources that individual suppliers have in place to support schools like yours. It also means we can ensure that when you need help, we'll have the best advice available.

Disaster Prevention

We can help you develop a comprehensive disaster prevention plan for your school's IT and AV resources. Working closely with you, we will help you spot critical systems that could be vulnerable to failure or loss, the likelihood of anything happening to these systems, and the impact on your school life if something does go wrong.

We'll then develop a written plan, taking into account everything that we've considered so that we can all respond as efficiently and effectively as possible in the event of failure or loss to minimise the impact on your school.

Disaster Radar

As well as the disaster prevention plan, we can also check your school systems on a daily basis to make sure everything is running smoothly with proactive monitoring from our offices.

With items such as projectors, where a simple bulb failure can ruin the best of lessons, we'll ensure you have replacement equipment on-site and people who know how to plug it in.

  • Equipment Failure
  • Projector Bulb Replacement
  • Power failure
  • Internet or network failure
  • Theft
  • Fire/Smoke Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Virus Attacks
  • Password Loss
  • Hacking
  • Vandalism/Sabotage
  • Training

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