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Free On-site Evaluation

Arrange a site visit from an IAG engineering professional who will review your facilities, listen to your needs and provide honest, impartial and informed advice on how to meet them.

What Is An IAG On-site Evaluation?

It's an opportunity to get answers to any question you have about your existing IT or Audio Visual systems.

Want to know why your WiFi coverage isn't great, or why your systems are running slowly or unreliably? Our evaluation will show you why.

But it's more than that. It's a chance for you to discover what the latest technology could mean for you. How tablets could revolutionise your lessons or how using interactive short throw projectors can replace old Smartboards.

An IAG on-site evaluation is a zero pressure, no obligation discussion with a professional engineer to understand how you can improve on your current use of IT and AV and how it's supported.

What Happens During Your On-site Evaluation?

No two facilities are the same. We can't truly evaluate your needs from schematics, online questionnaires or phone calls. We need to visit your site, walk around it, have face to face discussions with people that work in it and truly understand what you have and how you would like to improve it.

It helps us build a picture of your facility's issues and needs - both those that you are aware of and perhaps those that you aren't. That way, we can provide the most accurate assessment of potential future improvements in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and cost.

What Happens After Your On-site Evaluation?

We will work out the most cost effective way that we can help you to improve. That might be changing the technology you use, adding new solutions, replacing old ones or simply improving the way your facility is supported.

If you choose to go with our recommendations then we'll work with you to build a fully costed improvement plan with outline timescales. After that, we'll be with you every step of the way, implementing, supporting, monitoring and advising to absolutely ensure you get the most from our relationship.

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