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Classroom Refurbishment

It goes without saying that classrooms are the key teaching and learning space in schools and the tools within them need to be as effective as possible. Consider a lesson where a teacher uses an interactive screen with a visualiser to present an object to the class in high definition. They can then ask a pupil to make notes on the object using their connected wireless tablet for all other pupils to see, then split the screen to compare their contribution with that of several others.

If that is the art of what's now possible in the classroom, why do so many suffer from:

  1. Poorly performing interactive whiteboards with software and callibration issues.
  2. Dim, fuzzy images from aging projectors outside their warranty period.
  3. Incompatible technologies that defeat the object of the experience - like a 16:9 laptop displaying on 4:3 board.
  4. Loose cabling, unfathomable switching equipment, lost remotes and wonky images.
  5. Old computers running unsupported operating systems unreliably.

It isn't necessarily easy to resolve issues like these, but there is no reason to put up with them.

That's where IAG Technology come in...

We know what the technology can do and we know how to install and maintain it so that the potential of any teaching and learning experience is limited only by the imagination of the teacher and their class. There's no excuse to refurbish a classroom and end up with the same old problems...

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