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Classchange Timer - A Lesson Bell and Emergency Lockdown Alarm System

Classchange is our simple and effective bell control system that can be used to manage regular bell patterns for lesson changeovers and break times as well as initiating emergency procedures such as school lockdowns.

You can set up regular repeating bell patterns for days and times that suit your school day and there's a holiday mode for when the kids aren't around.

The system easily integrates with your existing alarm systems or can be configured to operate over your computer network infrastructure.

  • Digital Clock with Automatic Summer/Winter time adjustment
  • Radio synchronisation for high accuracy time keeping
  • Lesson/Break time bells
  • Emergency Lockdown initiation
  • Emergency Lockdown interface for external control of access control systems, autodiallers etc.
  • 10 Editable Sound Patterns
  • TCP-IP Network Sounders
  • PoE Powered
  • Fail-safe against Network Faults

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