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Celebrated Colleagues Make For Happy Customers

Happy Staff, Happy Customers

We like to hope our staff are happy and the fact that one member has stayed with us for over a decade shows we must be doing something right!

Andrew Bloomfield hit the ten year service mark last month and as the first employee to reach such a milestone, we thought it a good idea to go out for dinner. Everyone came to Shakils on Sheep Street and no one spoiled the surprise!

Andrew's love of electronics means he enjoys his job so much that even the Bicester Advertiser were interested. His knowledge and expertise are exactly what we admire in an IAG engineer. We know he can answer difficult questions in customer facing situations and gain the trust of IT Administrators and headmasters. We know he can do all this at the same time as handling a complex audio visual installation. He is a vital and much respected member of our team.

Andy once worked preparing studio mixing desks for the likes of Sting so has seen the industry change and grow into a digital stratosphere. His experience enables him to solve difficult problems with measured solutions and we also hugely value his ability to nurture younger staff and involve them in what he is doing and why.

We found out his favourite tipple is a relaxing cider and presented him with a Dartington Crystal Cider Glass so hope he enjoys many relaxing evenings answering music quiz questions

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